15 04 2009

Helloo! Hope everyone’s night is going well. I went to yoga tonight which was a really good class! It’s focus was on the hips, and boy, do I feel them open right now! It felt sooo amazing esp. after the class. I’m still feeling great! Prior to yoga, I did 30 minutes on the stationary bike.

Just as a head’s up, I’m babysitting tomorrow from 4-7. Just thought I’d let you guys know that. Haha 🙂

I’ve been doing loads of commenting for the better part of the past hour, and I’ve only managed to eat one snack. This snack was quite delicious though. I’m off to have more. I’m getting really hungry! I wanted to make sure I finished commenting on everyone’s though. If for some reason I missed yours, just tell me and I’ll be happy to go and comment. I don’t think I missed anyone though. Hmm, anyways! Post yoga I got home with a stomach growling for foooooddd! I listened to it and had a bowl of all natural ice cream topped with peanut butter. Oh wow, sooo good. SO GOOD!100_2604


Have a GREAT night everyone!

❤ jess 🙂




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15 04 2009


15 04 2009

That is some GOOD LOOKIN’ ice cream. I think the peanut butter wig definitely gives it some personality 😉

Hooray for yoga – don’t you LOVE the way stretching makes you feel…ahh it’s heavenly!

Have fun babysitting tomorrow. 🙂

Love, Meg!

15 04 2009

ice cream and peanut butter?!?! ah – i’m drooling!
sweet dreams, love ❤

15 04 2009

Hi sweetie pie.

Glad you enjoyed yoga!!

I’m totally loving the natural ice cream topped with peanut butter. Give me some pretty pleaseeee!

much love,

15 04 2009

Yay for yoga and ice cream…two most excellent things! 🙂

And thanks for your sweet comments on my blog about the whole taxes thing. I know God WILL provide…He’s in that business. 🙂 He has always taken care of my family and I have to keep trusting Him. Thanks for the reminder!

15 04 2009

ooh, yoga! sounds great, very “hip”. haha. do you do meditation as well? you can use that time to get in touch with God!

15 04 2009

That PB!! Divine!

15 04 2009

your snack=banginnnn!
i just got back from yoga and i’m feelin’ the open hip action going on as well! love the feeling of my muscles just being loose and free!

15 04 2009

ice cream AND peanut butter
now thats just fabulous!

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