Zucchini Bread!

12 04 2009

Why hello there! How are we in blogland? Hope everything’s well!

Make sure and check out my new tab “peanut butter” I think it was definitely necessary to add! Tehe 😀

Not long after I left you, I was off to make my brothers dinner, and also zucchini bread. I LOVE this bread. It’s so moist, and the texture and aroma are to die for. It’s a family favorite for sure! I follow Bob’s Red Mill’s recipe and it always comes out perfect. Here’s some pics of it from the before, to the middle, to the end stages, tehe. YUM!

100_2523100_2525 100_2536100_2539100_2538100_2537

While the bread was in the oven, I made myself quite the yummy dinner! I knew I wanted veggies, and I sure got them! First, I brought a serving of whole grain noodles to a boil, then topped the noodles with zucchini, green bell pepper, spinach, broccoli, and mushrooms. I proceeded to add some green pepper and mushroom pasta sauce with “shaker” cheese on top. This meal totally hit the spot. I was very content after eating this!100_2535






The zucchini bread was all done about 45 minutes later, so I had to have some of that with a smidge of peanut butter on one side a bit later for a snack. Oh and did I mention I also had a Chai tea on the side as well? Ooh,lala. I feel so spoiled 😀

100_2542 100_2543 100_2544 100_2545 100_2546

In total, from the time making my brothers dinner, to sitting down for my snack I was non stop on my feet. I was cleaning, doing dishes, wiping down countertops, making smoothie/milkshake for my bros. Ahh, it made the snackage even YUMIER! 😀 As if that was possible…

I just finished off some veggie chips with hummus. Boy, I missed this combo—haven’t had it in a while! As for the rest of the night, it will be spent relaxing. Have a lovely night all! 100_2552

❤ jess 🙂




9 responses

12 04 2009

that zucchini breads looks awesome Jess! I’ve never had it before but it sounds very interesting – especially with your yummu PB addition 🙂

have a great night ❤ xo

12 04 2009

That’s it. I’m coming to the United States and eating that bread. That looks amazing!!!!!

12 04 2009

Oh my goodness you are quite the chef! I’m totally coming to your place for dinner ASAP, haha 🙂 I hope you’re enjoying your Easter!! I’ll be checking out your Peanut Butter tab after this, cause I’m curious, and I love me some PB 😉

Love, Meg

12 04 2009

hey hun
yeah im liking wordpress alot 🙂 except when i comment on wordpress blogs it wont link back to my site, even though im logged it…do you know how i would fix that?
that bread looks so good 🙂 especially with the PB!
have a wonderful easter!

12 04 2009

You know – I’ve never had zucchini bread but I’m thinking that has to change asap! Looks delish!!

12 04 2009

mmmm zuchhini bread is my favorite, I can not wait until summer, when the farmers market comes and I can get fresh squash and zuchini!

12 04 2009

girl, you ARE spoiled with those delicious eats!
wow, zucchini bread already! someone’s anxious for summer!

12 04 2009

hey hun,
thanks so much for the hlp 🙂 your awesome!! i think what you told me to do worked woo 🙂 il know for sure though when i leave you this comment!
have a lovely easter lunch!
much love

12 04 2009

Omg, zucchini bread! I need to make some of that soon! 🙂 You totally have the right idea adding PB and drinking Starbucks with it!! Hehe, that’s exactly how I’d eat it!

HAPPY EASTER! He is Risen!

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