Best. Sandwich. Ever.

6 04 2009

Hey there! Hope you’re Monday’s going great.

Not long after posting, I went to the gym for a “short” workout. I did 40 minutes on the elliptical, then 4 minute cool down on the stationary bike.  Then I did the 100 “clams” (the first one, although I don’t really lift my stomach–btw I learned this exercise from my old PT), and some foam roller, which always feels so good! All in all, a very heart-pumping, invigorating workout.

I came home very hungry, so I took a shower and immediately set off to make lunch. My mom had bought me an avocado, so I knew I had to use half of it. I decided on an avocado-cheese sandwich. It might just be the best sandwich I’ve ever had. It was amazing. And so simple! I just halved an avocado, then put a fourth onto two slices of bread, betweek between provolone as well. It was amazing! I had the other 1/4 in a little bowl. On the side sat the new favorite combo of carrots and ketchup. Gosh, I’m weird 😉





I also had an apple a bit later.


As I am still catching up on sleep, I took another nap. Felt very good. Productive? No. Enjoyable? Yes.

After I awoke I needed a little snack. Well, maybe not so little. Tehe. I had an apple and another nature valley granola bar. Boring, but tasty 🙂




Hope your Monday nights go well. I probably will post before I go to bed, but who knows when the game is supposed to be on until past 11. Be sure to check our Angela’s blog because she’s having a giveaway for five jocalot bars+two of her yummy homemade bars. All you have to do is think of a way she could raise money for her race. (it should probably involve her baking) Leave a comment and she’ll pick out the top five. Then, everyone’ll  vote for the winner.

Happy Monday!?

❤ jess 🙂




6 responses

6 04 2009

yum, I am going to have to try that carrots/ketchup combo! it looks so good – like little “carrot fries =)

have a great day Jess! xoxo

6 04 2009

Oh wow, what an awesome idea with the avocado!

7 04 2009

that sammie does look pretty darn good!!!!

7 04 2009

Mmmm, yummy sammich! I had guac on a sandwich today and it was pretty tasty. Have fun watching the UNC game, I think? Ha I couldn’t care less about bball so I’m not sure that it’s even on. Much love

7 04 2009

Delish! I love avocado + hummus on my sandwiches…toasted..with a little cottage cheese on the side, it’s perfection 🙂

7 04 2009

Ok that sammie is to die for! I love avocado and cheese on a sandwich.. Mmmm so so delishhh!

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