Chocked Full

30 03 2009

Of veggies that is! After I left y’all, I went and made myself a lunch FULL of veggies. Here’s what I had–it was mighty delicious!

A flat out wrap spread with hummus, 1/2 avocado (mashed), spinach, broccoli, and tomato. I was going to add some green bell pepper and some cucumber, but I said enough is enough 😉 100_2157





I put it under the broiler after topping it with some provolone. The flavors were amazing! (please excuse the blurry pic)


I also had lots of carrots on the side (at least 2x that)100_2154100_2153

This meal had me full and content, the perfect happy medium. I love veggies!

Before leaving for the gym+yoga, I had a few plump (love that word 😆 ) apricots to make sure I had some energy in me. Yoga was wonderful. Before the class, I did 20 quick minutes on the stair master. It felt so good to workout again! The class was focused on twisting and it felt so amazing. My back feels awesome!

Upon arriving home I grabbed an apple, a kashi bar, and some green grapes. Yum!100_2159


Dinner was veggie pizza with a whole wheat crust that was very yummy. I ate it while watching the game.

I just finished some vanilla ice cream and lots of green grapes (at least there was lots when I grabbed them…hehe!)


Hope everyone’s had a great Sunday. UNC won as well, just adding to my happiness. Sorry if I seem to be overtly happy–I don’t want to seem, I don’t know, annoying!

Nighty night girlies!

❤ jess 🙂




4 responses

30 03 2009

That veggie filled wrap looks absolutely FABULOUS!

You definitely got enough yummy veggie today 🙂

Hope you had a great Sunday lovey!!

30 03 2009

Oh wow, that wrap is amazing!

30 03 2009

I like it when you’re happy like this, don’t apologize! Veggies are my fav too, yummy eats today! Ice cream :]

Enjoy your Monday, love!

30 03 2009

as soon as I get into the US, I’m getting myself one of those fabulous wraps. Flat out, huh? is it available in all stores? what about costco?

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