27 03 2009

Before I say anything, I just wanted to show y’all what the world’s two sweetest brothers got me for my bday. Isn’t it adorable! I love those too 🙂 100_2045100_2044

As I am writing this, I’m sipping on a Starbucks Chai Tea. I’ve never had Chai tea, but it’s amazing! I read that Chai tea is sometimes served to yoga students after their class, and ever since my wanting to try it was multiplied by 1000! I also found a great recipe, and I am hoping to make it sometime. Gosh this stuff is good… Have you ever tried Chai tea? What’s your favorite kind of tea? 100_2051100_2049100_20471

My yoga goal: I want to be able to do this headstand pose. I think I need to master crow first though. Haha, I am gonna get there! 😀headstand

The rest of the days EATS:

Snacks: I really wasn’t all that hungry, so I just ate a banana while doing some make-up work (lord of the flies is horrifying!! i feel darkness creeping in as I read it…)  and a dark choc. cherry kashi bar a little bit later100_2043

DARKNESS. lol. 100_2041I have missed my bananas! I am going through banana oatmeal withdrawl…100_2042

Dinner: grilled chicken (which was fantastic!), rice, and lots of broccoli..I love my broccoli! ❤

Snacks: I just finished the rest of my breakfast 😉 (FROYO) and of course, this wonderful Chai Tea..P.S I love that word, CHAI! Tehehe…I don’t know what the rest of the night’s foods will entail..HMM! 100_2050100_2046

Night-y Night!

❤ jess 🙂




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27 03 2009

I have never tried chai tea before, I drink green tea often. Jasmine ranks in second, and oolong for third. =D

27 03 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! So happy that you’re feeling a little better – and I love the froyo breakfast – it’s your birthday; you can do what you want! The workout outfit you got is so cute, I love that pink top. Chai is sooo good – Target has a brand called Oregon Chai that comes as a pre-mixed liquid and you can add it to milk; it is delicious!

Have a wonderful night!!!

27 03 2009

when was your b-day? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
I like green tea the most. just plain, simple green tea. I don’t like adding anything to tea, though.
btw, there is no link to your name in your comments! that’s why I took so long to comment back, because there is no link to your name. is there any way you can change that? I had to find you through blogger.

27 03 2009

hi hun
love the cute bags 🙂 is it your birthday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🙂
great eats!
oh how did you subscribe to all of the blogs on wordpress that youd subbed to on the other blog? im trying to fnd out how to move them over but im not very succesful so far!
hope you have a great night
much love

27 03 2009

aw what a thoughful gift! I love big bags like that =)

and you will definitely get to full headstand one day girlie! Keep working at it! have an awesome day, Jess! xoxo


27 03 2009

another question 🙂 ( ive been sitting at my comp desk all day trying to figure out the move)…..i couldnt figure out how to move all my subscriptions over so i thought id jus find all the blogs and subscribe to them again one at aa time but i cant seem to figure out how to subscribe to blogs on blogger? any ideas?
hope your having a great friday 🙂

27 03 2009

I love chai. At the moment my favorite tea is cocnut thai chai! But it changes often. Enjoy your day! Much love

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