Ice cream..for breakfast?

26 03 2009

Hello ladies! I am happy to report that I am feeling a little bit better. Not a lot by nay means, but better than nothing 🙂

I woke up this morning to adorable balloons! It’s kind of a tradition at my house: there’s gotta be balloons that bday morning! At the bottom of them, sat two presents. Since our house is kind of the “sick house,” my grandparents will not be coming over tonight. They have the majority of my presents at their house (I think my mom left them their on purpose after shopping with my g’ma) so I will just have to wait and be patient, hehe. But, the presents this morning were by no means shabby! The first one includes all things workout! WOOHOOO! 100_2021


100_20231100_20221Such a cute bag!!100_20291

A new Water Bottle (I looovveee water bottles like this kind! A girl can never have too many Nalgenes) 100_2030

A new workout outfit! 100_2031

A super cute hot pink top100_2034

And shorts100_2033

The second gift was a new…BASKETBALL!! I am so psyched becuase this one is super nice and has wonderful grip. I cannot wait to practice with it.100_2028

Okay, I think my head is becoming huge!! lol. Onto the…


Unbalanced Breakfast: I woke up and my throat was killing me! So I grabbed the Ben and Jerry’s Froyo. I mean, from the frozen yogurt there’s protein and calcium, there’s a little bit of fat it in, and the cherries provide the fruit. Perfect, hehe! 😉 I also had an apple (no pic)100_2025There’s fudge flakes and cherries in there…mmm! 100_20261

& some PB 100_2035

Balanced Lunch: PB  sammy with a glass of milk, and an apple100_2036Half was all natural Jiff and the rest Crunchy100_2037The last organic apple… 😦100_2038

Bye girlies! Hope your Thursdays are going well. Remember, Friday’s tomorrow!

❤ jess 🙂




5 responses

26 03 2009

Happy Birthday!!!! Lots of love xxxxx

26 03 2009
gina (fitnessista)

happy birthday!
i LOVE the new workout outfit– so cute!
have a wonderful day ❤

26 03 2009

ahh haha I love your well balanced breakie =) so funny!

and those gifts are awesome! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLIE! hope you start feeling better so you can celebrate! have an awesome day love xoxo


26 03 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GIRLY! I know this will be your best year yet :]

Wonderful presents! And awesome having ice cream for breakfast. You’re 14 now, you can do what you want! Feel better, much love!

26 03 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESS!!! Awwwhhhh love your presents, and oh yes to ice cream. I love eating ice cream. I love having pizza for breakfast, but I need to find some good pizza dough so I can have some!!! LOL


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