I have the sweetest boyfriend ever!

25 03 2009

Still feeling cruddy, and I am not going to school tomorrow. Lucky for me, I picked a good week to be sick because this week is really easy.

I just finished snackin’ on this…delish! 100_20031

Snacks: grapes and a Kashi dark choc. cherry bar (mm..)100_19883100_1990

For dinner I decided on having a kashi soft baked sandwich. These things are delicious! I chose the Chicken Rustico and it’s filled with chicken, mushrooms, red pepper, and spinach. (as well as lotsa other yummy ingredients!) I had it with an apple plus 1/2 skippy natural PB, and 1/2 natural Jiff PB.100_2001100_2000100_19972100_1996100_1994100_1992

Quite Yummy 🙂 Claire has been by my side for the past two days…

So, now onto the title of my post before I leave you- my sweet, sweet boyfriend showed up at my house earlier to see how I was doing and give me a hug (or two, or 20…). I think he is truly the sweetest person I have ever met. He didn’t have to come over, but he wanted to. What more can you ask for? He’s stopping by tomorrow after school with one of my birthday gifts (my birthday is on Thursday, more on that tomorrow!). Yayy…it brought a huge smile to my face when that doorbell rang and I realized who it was…

Night night lovies!
❤ jess 🙂





6 responses

25 03 2009

ah I have been dying to try that kashi product! glad to hear you enjoyed it =). Have a good night love!

xoxo – Jenny

25 03 2009

Poor thing :[ Hope those yummy eats made you feel better! And that visit from your BF.. too cute!

Feel better, darling! Much love

25 03 2009

yum the kashi sandwich looks really good! i’ve been wanting to try that but i wasn’t sure if they would be good.. im glad you reviewed them!!

25 03 2009

AWWWHHHH hope you feel better soon girlie!!!
But you have one sweet boyfriend!!!

25 03 2009

He came just to give you a hug? God has truly blessed you with amazing people around you! that’s His way of expressing HIS love to you too!
YAY! I switched to WordPress, too!

25 03 2009

aw *hugs* im so so sorry your feeling sick still, i hope you feel better soon!
oo love the move to wordpress! how did you do it? ive been thinking of switching too but have no idea how to, id appreciate any help!
aww the bf sounds so adorable, a total nice guy!
feel better

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