Sick and Sore

24 03 2009

I am loving wordpress! Blogspot is not bad by any means, but I personally just love the versatility. I am still not feeling so great, and I may not go to school tomorrow. I kind of want to go but then again I don’t. I hate falling behind, but I may just not be able to hack it. We’ll just play it by ear I suppose.

My day has been spent with this lovely little girl. The BF gave it to me and I named her Claire.

My grandparents also sent my a lovely (I use this word a lot, I know!) card which brightened my day 🙂

Okay, okay, onto the eats…


Lunch: Crunchy PB sammy, veggie chips, some grapes, and an apple

Snacks: dark chocolate cherry kashi bar (what a mouthful!), more crunchy PB, and more grapes

Dinner: roasted/grilled chicken, mashed potatoes, and sweet corn…All made by dad. It was quite tasty!

Snacks: all natural choc/vanilla ice cream, veggie chips with salsa, and an apple (more to come later!)

I am actually still sore from yesterday’s yoga class. I actually half like love being sore. It makes me feel like I am working hard. Odd, I know!

P.S No pics because the uploader on this computer (I am not on mine right now) isn’t working. Sorry! The pics I took are not all that extravagant, so you are not missing much 😉 Just try and picture them in your mind. Off to go read all you all’s glorious blogs!

❤ jess 🙂





2 responses

24 03 2009

Dark chocolate cherry bars are my favorite bars of all time! So delicious! And mmm mashed potatoes are total comfort food for me. I need some veggie chips!

24 03 2009

I like the new blog! I tried starting mine on wordpress but didn’t have the patience to putz around with it and figure everything out. I hope you’re feeling better soon; I also hate feeling like I fall so far behind on everything but it’s miserable trying to sit in class and learn when all you want to do is curl up in bed and sleep.

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