23 03 2009

Hey y’all! As mentioned in my “old” blog, I am home-sick today. So I am going to make this short! This blog is very similar to my other one. I hope you love the new blog! I know I do!

Breakfast: Honey Sunshine cereal, and a bunch of grapes

I also had some warm mint tea to warm me up and soothe my throat. Well, off to go fool around with the new blog!

Another question: For another tab, I would love to have a Q & A section. It seems as though everyone is really into these, and so am I 🙂 I saw it on the wonderful Peanut butter and Jenny’s blog and think it’s an awesome idea. Don’t be alarmed if you see changes on my blog. Like I said, I am fooling around experimenting with it 🙂

Have a great day!
❤ jess 🙂




3 responses

23 03 2009

Awh, sorry to hear that you are sick Jess. I’m sending good vibes to you!!! Hope you feel better soon.

And oh yes to wordpress!!! ❤ loveya!!

23 03 2009

Love the new blog! Hope you feel better soonly<3

23 03 2009

Sorry you’re sick! But I love your new blog! I’m think of making the switch to wordpress soon.. hehe your oatmeal page rocks.

Feel better! Much love

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